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It’s time for men to address mental health.


One million Canadian men suffer from major depressive disorder. Three of every four completed suicides in Canada are by men. One third of Canadian men worry that talking about mental health at work could put their job at risk.


Many men believe that mental health services are difficult to access, ineffective, invasive or a sign of weakness.


At Cogent, we’re changing that.

Cogent uses fully online booking systems. No waiting lists. We offer evening and weekend appointments in-person in our discrete office space or via secure video conference.

We provide evidence-based assessment and effective psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, ADHD and male sexual health issues.

It’s time.


White Bed

Men's Sexual Health Issues


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Image by Brad Neathery

Cognitive Processing Therapy

Lone Walk

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

VR Headset

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

Man in sweatshirt on beach

Gut-Focused Hypnotherapy

Image by Maxwell Nelson

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

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Supportive Counselling

Morning Fog

ADHD Assessment


Book your free 15-minute video conference appointment  to discuss assessment considerations, appropriateness of treatment and address any questions or concerns before booking an assessment or therapy appointment.


To book a confidential assessment session, in person in our Guelph, ON office or via video conference anywhere in Ontario, click the link in the LET'S GET STARTED section to reach our secure client portal. 

For any other question or concern, you can send an email or a secure and confidential message in the adjacent form.


We will be in touch with you soon.

By Appointment Only

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Fax: (877) 921-2237

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