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Men's Mental Health Weekly Newsletter

What do men need to know about the mind in order to maximize mental health outcomes?

Pulling from my experience in providing psychotherapy, it seemed to me a daunting question that would likely not have an answer in a single blog or newsletter. Instead, this will be the focus on the ongoing content we publish at Cogent.

Each week’s newsletter will focus on one of four themes, allowing us to dig deeper into those facets of psychoeducation that are most relevant to and most often occur in my practice. That includes providing a background of fundamental psychological science, exploring cultural and literary sources for mental health education, reviewing specific clinical psychology research, and addressing client or member questions as they arise.

Psych 101

Although a good deal of psychoeducation is intervention- or disorder-specific, such as education about the cognitive model of depression or endocrine function in male sexual behaviour, still more is based in fundamental psychological science, such as how classical conditioning works and how to apply it to managing situational stressors. The Psych 101 newsletter will attempt to provide a concise and clear summary of core principles of the field of psychology with an eye on practical application.


Psychotherapy often makes use of literary material to express concepts in a way that is as enjoyable as it is illuminating. Clients are often asked to read a book to compare their own experiences. The Bibliotherapy (from the Greek βιβλίο or 'biblío', for 'book') newsletter will present short summaries and key points from the literary sources often recommended in our practice.

Updates in clinical psychology research

Psychology is an evolving science, and clinical psychology is the application of psychological research to issues of human health and well-being. This section intends to showcase novel contributions in clinical psychology research by combing through and highlighting relevant new publications in the literature.

Q and A

Yes, I take requests. The Q&A newsletter will address frequently asked questions and requests from readers and clients. To submit a question, simply scroll to the bottom of this page and use the Contact form.

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